Yuki Fujiwara “Eyehole Right” 2005 oil on canvas 14×18cm (Private Collection)

1978 Born in Shizuoka
2006 Ph.D FA in Oil Painting, Tokyo
University of the Arts.
2008 Joined in Japan Artists
inc. (JAA)
2006 “Yuki Fujiwara Exhibition”(The Sato
Museum of Art / Tokyo)


“Comparing to one thing (the
display of the three-dimensional shape)”

(Shizugin Hall at Gofuku-cho Branch of Shizuoka Bank /

2010 “Yuki Fujiwara’s solo exhitibion in Shizuoka” (Shizugin
gallery / Shizuoka)
“Show yourself! Yuki Fujiwara” (YOKOI FINE ART / Tokyo)
1999 “The 14th – 18th Fugaku Biennale

(Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art / Shizuoka)

2002 “The 4th Hamamatsu National
Exhibition (Picture General Invitation) ”

(Hamamatsu City of Art / Shizuoka)

“Kouji Kinutani Laboratory Group Exhibition”(2003,
2005)(Shinjuku Art Gallery Enfan / Tokyo)

2005 “13th Annual Scholarship Recipient Art Exhibition”(The
Sato Museum of Arts / Tokyo)

“Reflex”Oil Painting Technique and Materials

(Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo)

2007 “Collection Exhibition”(The Sato Museum of Art / Tokyo)

“Heart・Eye・Hand”(Shizugin Gallery Shiki / Shizuoka)

2008 “VOCA (The Vision of Contemporary
Art)”(The Ueno Royal Museum / Tokyo)

“Ton-chan (Pig) Art Exhibition”(Hakodate Museum of Art / Hokkaido)

2009 Encouragement Exhibition for New Members of The Japan
Artists Association


Group Exhibition of ART ARETE(Shizugin Gallery Shiki / Shizuoka)

“Tempted by the silent, perplexed by the talkative”(Gallery NATSUKA b.p
/ Tokyo)

Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009 (Tokyo Bijutsu Club / Tokyo)

1997 Mr. Keichiro Kume Scholarship
(Tokyo University of the Arts)
2001 Mr. O Commemoration Prize (Tokyo University of the Arts)
2003 Grand prize at”The 16th Fugaku Biennale Exhibition”
2005 Semi grand prize at”The 17th Fugaku Biennale Exhibition”
2007 “The Culture Encouragement Prize of Shizuoka Prefecture”
2003 SBS (The Shizuoka Broadcasting System)
2006 The Sato Museum of Art
2008 The Government of Shizuoka Prefecture (Cultural Affairs


「TABLE COLOSSEUM」 2003-4 oil on canvas 194×162cm (Private Collection)

「Head Over Heels」 2007 oil on hemp panel 130.3×162cm (Private Collection)

「Vacuum Cacao」 2005-6 oil on hemp panel 130.3×162cm (Private Collection)